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Before I die of boredom

I just want to say how shit being unemployed is, I’ve applied for so many jobs been to so many interviews, turned an offer down but it was utter shit not gonna lie there, I was the guy in my last job who was put on the shit campaigns because I was ‘mr reliable’ according to my old team leader, I had a great relationship with the company (until I moved teams), I was actually valued there which I have to say was pretty rare for someone to be. Anyway my point is that now I can’t seem to catch a break for shit and its down to one thing, I’m not Australian, seriously, I could outsell pretty much anyone on my day, except Ali but meh he was too good for that company anyway, but yeah, I could outsell in 6 months what the majority of Australian residents could in 4 years yet still they’d rather have that person than me, what the fuck is that all about, we want someone who is going to be here for a long time, nope you should want someone who could potentially up profitability and all that crap, I got the 5th highest commission, in my second month in the job which for a company with 200 people I don’t think that’s that bad yeah I wasn’t first, fucking Ali again, with his $2000. And worst of all I never got to do idens idea of change my name to James Bond on the phone which personally I think would have been fucking hilarious.

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I had a good day but the night before was better, we had a really good night, however it was also a sad one as it was the last time that everyone was together and more than likely it will be the last time ever due to us going to Australia, it was difficult saying that final goodbye to everyone hopefully i’ll see Joss and James on friday when they’re down in london but you never know so i’ve sort of accepted that i’m going to leave it at that but Joss said that Rocky will probably want to see me too so that’s pretty cool, and i probably will see them too because as Joss said, I’m their roadie so yeah i have to go, i’m working.

The beginning of the end

So tomorrow for the first time in 3 months i move house again however this time its different, it’s only for 2 weeks however after that its time for the biggest step i’ll ever take in life when i move to Australia with Gemma, I have to say that I am shitting my pants really badly about the whole thing however it is the most exciting thing that i think will ever happen to me, so its all good all in all i can’t wait for the 14th september.¬†

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Haven’t written anything in a while

Not had the time to as i have a job and that means i’m doing more stuff with my time, its not the best job but hey its only for another week. James was in work today which was funny, I wouldn’t go to the pier inn after driving all the way from lincoln. I made a smiley face out of salad today because i was so bored…..thats about as exciting as my days are at work however me and the main chef have formed some sort of kitchen dream team and i’ll miss working with him when i go at the end of next week but it was weird looking at my last rota, and then telling my manager how to spell rota lol.

So i’m back at work tomorrow

We went to another pub and applied for jobs today because we’re sick of the way that we have been getting spoken to at work over the past week so hopefully that will come through over the next few days, even if it doesn’t we’ve worked it out that we only have 19 more working days there so its all good, but i do have to say that it has changed and the management are starting to run the place into the ground it seems.

Finally Starting to be able to listen to Motley Crue again

Yep its taken me nearly 7 months to get over the disapointment of them but finally i have been able to listen to them again which is a good thing because¬†Girls Girls Girls and Theatre of Pain are two of my all time favorite albums. Jus sayin y’all.